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2014.01.15 14:28

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모델명 Klippel R&D System 
측정기능 무빙코일 스피커 유닛의 측정 및 분석 
보유실 음향기기측정실 

주 장비

KLIPPEL Analyzer 2(distortion analyzer)

















Two-channel line input (with Phantom or IEPE microphone power supply)

Two channel line output (AC switch for DC blocking)

Two channel voltage and current

measurement for loudspeakers

High performance SNR > 100 dB

Sampling rate up to 96 kHz

Platform for laser sensor heads

Hosting various measurement


Stand-alone operation

Computer-controlled operation Fast, hot plug USB interface

Automatic firmware update

Memory for long-term measurements

19 / 1U rack mountable

Distortion Analyzer 2 is the hardware platform for the measurement modules performing the generation, acquisition and digital signal processing in real time. The analyzer can be operated as a stand-alone unit by using the key pad and the display. Connecting a computer via USB-interface the computer software dB-Lab can be used to control the unit and visualize the results. The hardware hosts a high performance digital signal processor for demanding calculations and a two channel accurate 24 Bit AD/DA converter with a sampling frequency up to 96 kHz. In addition two power signal lines for driving loudspeakers can be analyzed using current / voltage sensors for up to 240V / 50A. A variety of displacement sensors can be connected to the hardware to analyze excursion signals in parallel to voltage and current of the driver under test.

주 장비

KLIPPEL Motor Control








The Motor Control is the hardware control unit for the 3D Scanner. Connecting a computer via USB-interface the Scanning and Visualization Software (SCN) can be used to control the unit and gather measuring results for the following visualization. The integrated microprocessor provides state information of the Scanning Hardware for the software and controls the 3 build in stepper motor drivers for actuating each agitation axis.

주 장비

레이저 이동 센서 KEYENCE(LK-G5001P)




Analog voltage output :

±10 V output, Output impedance: 100 Ω

Analog current output :

4 to 20 mA, Maximum load resistance: 350 Ω

Weight : Approx. 600 g

클리펠장비의 레이저 측정을 위한 레이저 센서

부속 장비











Signal to Noise(20 Hz - 20 kHz) : -107 dB

Distortion (typical) 1/8 rated power, 20Hz - 20 kHz : < 0.02%

Distortion (typical) Full rated power, 20Hz - 20 kHz : < 0.02%

Damping Factor : > 500

Dimensions : 8.9cm X 48.3cm X 32.6cm

Weight : 9.5 kg

Measuring single drivers, passive system or loudspeaker parts requires a professional power amplifier which is capable of providing the necessary power and signal quality for the measurement application.

The demands on signal quality in measurement applications are usually higher than they are for music reproduction. We recommend QSC power amplifiers which can be provided along with your KLIPPEL measurement system.

부속 장비

Driver Stand






Rigid mounting of drivers in vertical position

One-hand operation

Holding different kinds of displacement sensors and microphones for near field


Fast sensor adjustment in vertical and  horizontal position and rotating in two axis

Made of nonmagnetic material

Integrated spacer for laser calibration

Removable sensor guide

Useful accessory

The firm clamping of the transducers is a requirement for performing reproducible and repeatable measurements. This is not only important for the measurement of Thiele-Small and nonlinear parameters, but also for mechanical vibrometer and acoustical near field measurements. The Transducer Measurement Stand supports various sensors (microphones, lasers) and provides means for calibrating the triangulation laser.

주 장비 (소프트웨어)

klippel dB-Lab Pro









· Hosts measurement and simulation modules

· Common interface for all modules

· HTML report generation

· Editable templates for print-out and documents

· Keeps all your data in one place

· Scalable database for setups and


· Database organizer integrated in

Windows Explorer

· True plug and play via USB interface

· On-line help

· Export of data and graphics

R&D시스템의 다양한 모듈을 호스팅하여 측정을 제어하고 많은 양의 데이터를 시각화 할 수 있는 일관된 작업 환경을 제공

주 장비 (소프트웨어)

Klippel SCN




Show contribution to sound pressure output

Predict directivity pattern

Separate radial and circular modes

Analyze actively radiating cone regions

Detect loudspeaker defects

인클로저 및 loudspeakers, micro-speakers, 헤드폰이 사용되는 기계 구조나 기타 전기 음향 또는 전기 기계 Transducer의 진동과 geometry of radiators를 측정

부속 장비

LPM Module (License)











Identifies linear transducer model

Measures suspension creep

LS-fitting in impedance

LS-fitting in displacement (optional)

Single-step measurement with laser sensor

  Two-step measurement with

additional mass or test enclosure

  Logarithmically spaced multi-tone excitation

Measurements at low and high amplitudes

Monitors ratio signal to noise + distortion (SNR+D) and noise floor

Automatic validity check

This module identifies the electrical and mechanical parameters of electro-dynamical transducers by measuring the voltage and current at the speaker terminals. Using an optional laser displacement sensor, the identification dispenses with a second measurement and avoids problems due to leakage of the test enclosure and mass attachment. This kind of measurement also identifies the parameters of the suspension creep giving more accuracy of the loudspeaker model at low frequencies. The measurement indicates insufficient signal to noise ratio and malfunction operation due to nonlinear effects of the driver or amplifier limiting.

부속 장비

LSI Tweeter Module (License)











Identification of large signal model in real time

Electrical, mechanical and thermal parameters

State variables (displacement, temperature,)

for woofers in free air, sealed and vented enclosures

for tweeters, headphones, mini-loudspeakers,


Measures signal distortion on-line

Full thermal and mechanical driver protection

Finds dominant sources of distortion

Locates weak points in design and assembly

Direct identification of transducer nonlinearities

Electrical, mechanical and thermal parameters

State variables (displacement, temperature,)

Measures signal distortion on-line

Full thermal and mechanical driver protection

Finds dominant sources of distortion

Locates weak points in design and assembly

부속 장비

TRF pro Module (License)















Combines linear and nonlinear measurements

Measures linear transfer function and harmonic distortions simultaneously

Fast two channel data acquisition (< 43,6 kHz)  with noise floor monitoring

Highly adjustable stimulus (bandwidth, spectrum, crest factor)

Provides impulse response and energy-time curve (ETC)

Quasi-anechoic measurement due to windowing of impulse response

Calculates time delay, minimal phase and group delay

Provides cumulative spectral decay (CSD) and sonograph o

Overlay of up to 20 result curves

Detection of low energy, impulsive disturbances (clicks, Rub & Buzz, etc.)

3D representation reveals location and physical cause of Rub and Buzz

Applicable to speakers and electronics

Separation from ambient noise

Detection of low energy, impulsive disturbances (clicks, rub & buzz, etc.)

Full temporal fine structure of distortion(contrary to Fourier Analysis)

Reveals short-time disturbances of much lower level than traditional methods

Applicable to Speakers and Electronics 

Simple interpretation

Separation from ambient noise

3D representation reveals location and physical cause of disturbance

Uses active Compensation

technique for revealing defects

Measures deviation (impulsive and regular) from a golden unit

Full TRF (standard) features

부속 장비

DIS Standard Module (License)





















Voltage and frequency sweep

Steady-state measurement

Single-tone or two-tone excitation signal

DC-component, magnitude and phase of fundamental, harmonic and intermodulation components

High spectral resolution

Two channel data acquisition

3D or 2D-graphical representation

High SNR due to synchronous data acquisition

Signal components up to 48 kHz

This module performs a series of steady-state measurements by using a single- or two-tone excitation signal varied in frequency and voltage. Two signals may be measured simultaneously (e.g. current, voltage, displacement, SPL). Due to high quality converters and synchronous data acquisition, the spectral components (fundamental, harmonic and intermodulation distortions, DC part) can be obtained with high signal to noise ratio up to 48 kHz signal frequency. After performing the measurement (voltage and frequency sweep), the magnitude of the spectral components is displayed in a 3D or 2D plot versus voltage and frequency of the excitation tone.

 The 3D-Distortion Measurement (DIS) provides features especially valuable for transducer measurements. The transducer can be protected against mechanical and thermal overload by pausing the measurement automatically if the total harmonic distortion or the increase of the voice coil temperature violates user defined limits.

부속 장비

Main Computer





CPU : Intel I7 3770


SSD : 128GB


OS : Win7(64bit)

클리펠장비에서 보내주는 정보들을 처리하는 데스크탑 PC

번호 제목 모델명 측정기능 보유실
21 시작품제작검증장비 file 3D Systems ProJet 3510 SD  3D 프린팅을 통한 시작품 제작  시작품검증실 
20 SW기반 음향 측정 시스템 file Listen Inc SoundCheck  이어폰, 헤드폰 및 음향 측정 분석  기업지원테스트베드 
» 스피커 유닛 분석 file Klippel R&D System  무빙코일 스피커 유닛의 측정 및 분석  음향기기측정실 
18 네트웍 에널라이저 file Agilent E5061A  광대역, RF 기기 등 고주파수 측정 가능  장비서버실 
17 미렉스파워 검증 시스템 file Agilent N6705B  측정에 필요한 각종 전압/전류 공급 가능  장비서버실 
16 Timing Analyzing 시스템 file Agilent DSO5034A  음향기기 내부의 각 블록별 검증 및 분석  장비서버실 
15 주파수 분석 시스템 file Agilent N9320B  주파수 분석  장비서버실 
14 오디오 분석 시스템 file SRS SR1  왜곡, 잡음, 원음에 대한 재현성  장비서버실 
13 스튜디오용 마이크 및 장비 file Neumann U87Ai  스튜디오 녹음  스튜디오 
12 오디오 이펙트 시스템 file API 500V  Audio Effects System  스튜디오 
11 Audio Monitoring System file Genelec 1037C  스튜디오 오디오 모니터 시스템  스튜디오 
10 다채널 미디어 콘솔 시스템 file AMS-NEVE MMC300  다채널 미디어, 방송, 영화 앨범 음향 편집작업  스튜디오 
9 Digital Audio Workstation file AVID Protools HD 3 Accel  녹음, 믹싱등 각종 오디오 작업을 진행  UPS실 
8 네트워크 오디오기기 검증 file OptiView XG  네트워크 분석  음향기기측정실 
7 멀티채널 오디오 분석기 file Audio Precision APX585  멀티채널 오디오 분석, 블루투스 검증  기업지원테스트베드 
6 HDMI Protocol Analyzer file Quantumdata 980  HDMI 음향 및 영상 적합성 테스트  음향기기측정실 
5 전기-음향 측정 시스템 file PLUSE  SSR(Steady State Response) Analysis  기업지원테스트베드 
4 SOUNDPOWER 측정시스템 file AVM-DO12 Loudspeaker  노이즈음원,지향성/무지향성sound 입력시스템  음향기기측정실 
3 오디오 분석 시스템 file 오디오 분석기  오디오 샘플링 속도 측정, 디지털 오디오 프로토콜  음향기기측정실 
2 MFI 검증 및 네트워크 오디오 기기 검증 file CMU200  핸드폰 개발,양산 및 서비스를 위한 솔루션  음향기기측정실