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2014.09.02 16:07

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모델명 Listen Inc SoundCheck 
측정기능 이어폰, 헤드폰 및 음향 측정 분석 
보유실 기업지원테스트베드 

주 장비(소프트웨어)

Listen Inc SoundCheck 13.0





Manual Signal Generator

Equalization using calibration measurements or any user-defined curve

Optional USB knob available for frequency and level control



Average, Maximum, Minimum (RMS and Peak) levels with overload indication



View spectrum of current waveform


Spectrum Analyzer

FFT with arbitrary number of spectral lines (only limited by computer speed and memory)


Real-Time Analyzer

SoundCheck is an accurate and powerful software-based electro-acoustic and audio electronic measurement system which is built to your specifications. Its many data acquisition options and software modules, together with easy integration into both production and R&D test environments make it ideal for all your testing requirements from the engineering laboratory to the factory floor. 

주 장비






Soundcard :

2 Channel, balanced inputs and outputs, Supports up to 48 kHz sample rate and 24 bits.

 Input Dynamic Range: 110 dB typical

 Output Dynamic Range: 114 dB typical


Power Amplifier:

 Continuous Output Power: 60W RMS into 4 Ohms, 47W RMS into 8 Ohms


Loudspeaker Current Measurement:

 Z-High = 1V/A +/-1%

 Z-Low = 100mV/A +/-1%

 Output Impedance = 0 Ohms


Reference & DUT Inputs:

 Gain: -20dB to +40dB in 10dB steps

 IEPE Bias: 10mA, 20VDC (max)

 ECM / Electret Bias:  10 VDC through 2.2k Ohms

AmpConnect makes loudspeaker, headphone, headset and microphone testing simpler AND more cost-effective. It replaces a soundcard, an impedance box, amplifier, microphone power supply and digital I/O card with one simple USB controlled piece of hardware. AmpConnect provides all the necessary calibration, voltage, & current signals to perform acoustic and electronic tests such as frequency response, sensitivity, distortion, and impedance. It can also drive sound sources (e.g. mouth simulators) for testing microphones.

부속 장비

B&K NEXUS Microphone Conditioner - Type 2690-A




Highly flexible construction – 2 channel configurations, or a combination of acoustic and vibration transducer inputs is possible

High input signal range. Low noise. Extensive overload facilities

Supports transducers with TEDS according to IEEE 1451.4


The NEXUS™ concept is based on a single mainframe, a number of input/output channels, and different filter options. This makes it highly flexible, as you can configure your conditioning amplifier to your needs. You can have acoustic and vibration inputs in the same mainframe with one, two independent input channels.

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